# 84 / Journalism for Dummies

(This was written sometime in 2015; I was so pissed that I forgot to publish it)

I’m sick and tired of having to lecture people who complain about journalists not being “objective” and accusing people like Jorge Ramos to be “part of the story” instead of “just presenting it.” I didn’t say anything about the Ramos/Trump/Univision circus because none of the three are saints of my devotion, and because I basically think the “RAMOS KICKED OUT OF TRUMP PRESS CONFERENCE” was just a case of very effective media bullshit perfectly planned and executed by all parts.

It’s all entertainment, folks. It has nothing to do with racism, journalism, immigration or even politics: it’s all about ratings and a guy whose popularity increases each time he (apparently) fucks up. If people want to give the whole thing more significance than it has, fine with me. I personally don’t care. The only thing that pisses me off is when clueless people jump onto the “objective journalism” (?) wagon and accuse, for example, Ramos, of not being “objective.” The role of a journalist is to give hell to those in power. Period. End of the story. You can save your “objectivity” for traffic accidents or other things a reporter would do (don’t get me wrong: being a reporter is a very difficult profession).

Opinion, dissent, editorializing, have always been a key part of journalism, if not the most important one. And the history of journalism is full of people who stood up and said “THIS IS WRONG” and helped change it. So next time someone tells you, “oh, such-and-such is not being a professional journalist; a real journalist just presents the facts, blah blah blah,” tell him/her “you’re full of shit” and show him clips like this one, which was perhaps the most effective thing that could stop a major asshole in the ’50s. Now, THAT’s journalism.

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